October 11, 2022

Allie Cliffe
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The following release notes correspond to the dates October 4, 2022 to October 11, 2022.

This release also includes back-end updates to workflows, interactive analysis (Notebooks, Galaxy, RStudio), user interface, Data Repository, and Google integrations to improve upcoming features.

Data Repo

  • Snapshot roles can be specified on snapshot creation via "policies" field of createSnapshot request body.
  • Swagger documentation for TDR retrieveSnapshot endpoint clarifies that a snapshot has exactly one source dataset.
  • Snapshot Stewards can now see and remove workspace access to a snapshot's data.

Interactive Analysis

  • It is easier to tell which Pause/Delete buttons are enabled/disabled on the Cloud Environments page.


  • You can now leave a group that you have been added to.


  • All DRS inputs to a task are now localized in a single PAPI action, which should improve speed and resolve failures observed when attempting to localize a large number of DRS files.
  • Cromwell now updates continuously. For more details, see Faster Cromwell updates in Terra


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