Faster Cromwell updates in Terra

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Starting October 11, 2022, the Cromwell version in Terra will update on a weekly basis. The updates will be included in the scheduled maintenance that typically takes place on Monday afternoons ET.

Why is this changing?

This change allows the team to deliver features and fixes more frequently and predictably. It also aligns Cromwell with the rest of the platform, which updates on the same cycle.

Version numbers removed from UI

Because updates are continuous, the numeric release (like “84”) will no longer appear in the Terra application.

Advanced users can find the build hash programmatically via the API. The version format returned from the API and referenced in metadata will not change for backwards compatibility and looks like "85-269089c".


Q: Can I choose what version of Cromwell I use in Terra?

A: All users get the same, most up-to-date version of Cromwell.

Q: Does this mean more or longer maintenance windows?

A: No, there will be no change to the maintenance schedule.

Q: How can I be sure my workflow will run correctly?

A: Every new Cromwell version deployed in Terra passes hundreds of rigorous tests that verify its correctness. And with faster updates, the team can be more responsive to user issues.

Q: What happens to the numbered Cromwell releases published on Github?

A: The team will continue to ship numbered releases for users who run their own Cromwell server outside of Terra. These releases undergo the exact same quality process as the Terra versions. They are designed to collect features into fewer, more substantial increments, to better serve those who upgrade manually.

Q: How does the Cromwell version in Terra compare to the releases published on Github?

A: The Cromwell version in Terra will always include all of the features and fixes present in the most recent published version, plus anything the team has completed since the date of publishing.

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