What to expect when you submit a workflow

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Successful workflows

You can look for outputs in the data table (in the Data tab) if you configured outputs to write to the data table (this.X).

Remember “this” refers to what data entity you are running your workflow on (i.e. what table contains links to the input data files). If you chose participant and called an output this.participant_file, a new column (participant_file) with links to the output will display in the participant table. The actual output files will be saved to workspace storage (i.e. Google bucket).

You can also view outputs from the Job Manager page from the Job History page by clicking on the succeeded submission (far left in the Job History list page)

1. Select Succeeded from the Submission status dropdown. 

2. Click on the Job Manager icon at the right.



3. In the Job Manager page, access Outputs by selecting the icon under Outputs (1). You can also access details in the backend log and execution directory by selecting from the icons at the right (2).


Failed workflows

A red triangle icon means your workflow submission failed to run or complete for some reason. Never fear! It happens to everyone. To learn more about how to troubleshoot errors and achieve successful submissions, see Troubleshooting workflows: Tips and tricks


Submissions: what happens behind the scenes

When you launch a workflow, there are a lot of subsystems working together to make sure your submission completes successfully and quickly, no matter how big or small. To learn more about what happens on the backend, see Overview: How the workflow system works

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