How to use DRS URIs in a workflow

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You can use DRS URIs as inputs to workflows in two ways: 1) via the data table, or 2) via direct paths in the workflow inputs configuration. In both cases, the workflows should access and process the data without further intervention. See example screenshots of each below. 

DRS URIs in a workspace data table

DRS URI in a data table screenshotNote the workflow configuration will reference the table with the format "this.object"

Closeup view

DRS URI in a data table closeup screenshot

DRS URIs entered directly as workflow input


Closeup view


Configuring workflows with DRS URIs metadata (PFB or TDR prefix)

If you exported your data table from a data repository or the Terra data Repo, it will include a pfb or tdr prefix in the data table.

You must include the pfb or tdr prefix when running a workflow on data from a tableThe (required) attribute syntax is "this.pfb.file-type" or "this.tdr.file-type".

Note that this syntax will show up in the dropdown menu when you click into the attribute field (see screenshot below).


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