How to delete a Terra Billing project

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Step-by-step directions for deleting a Terra Billing project, including those that either failed to create or have no associated workspaces. Billing projects can fail to create because the name wasn't unique or didn't meet the formatting requirements, for example. 

If you want to use APIs instead of the UI, see How to delete a Terra Billing project (Swagger APIs).

What it looks like when a billing project fails to create

Billing projects that fail to create, but are stuck in a failed state, may appear in the list on your Billing page. They will have a red exclamation point icon. 

Screen shot

Screen shot of billing page with red exclamation point icon indication that Billing project failed to create

Error message

project my-project creation 
finished with errors: {"Resource
"Precondition check failed."
"message":"Precondition check
DITION","statusMessage":"Bad Request",

Step-by-step instructions to delete a billing project

Before you start You must be the project owner to delete a Terra Billing Project.

Note: Before deleting a Terra Billing project, be aware this action cannot be undone!Best practice is to make sure all team members who used this Billing project know that any workspaces created under this project umbrella will be inaccessible. Any links to data in these workspace buckets will break.

Any data in workspace buckets that you want to keep must be moved to another external or Terra workspace bucket, or local storage, before deleting the Terra Billing project.

How to delete the workspace Google project instead

You can delete the Google project associated with a workspace by deleting the workspace. This will not delete the Terra Billing project used to create the workspace

Step 1. Delete all associated workspaces 

Start on your Workspaces page (from the main navigation at the top left).

1.1. Filter by the Billing project you want to delete.

1.2. Click on the three vertical dots icon at the right of each workspace name and select Delete from the popup menu. 

Screenshot of workspaces page with 'Filter by' dropdown at top of form circled (step 1.1) and three vertical dot icon to the right of the workspace name expanded and highlighted (step 1.2).

1.3. Repeat until no workspaces remain.

Step 2. Remove users from the Billing project

The next step is to remove everyone but the primary Billing project owner. 

2.1. Go to your Billing page (Main Menu > Your name > Billing).

2.2. Under Owned by you (on the left side), click on the link for the Billing project you want to delete. This will take you to the billing project summary page. 

If the Billing project is not clickable

If you own the project, but cannot access the summary page, it may be in a not-ready state, and you will not be able to delete the project. You can reach out to support for help by selecting Contact Us under the Support section from the main navigation (three parallel lines at the top left of any page in Terra).  

2.3. On the Terra Billing project summary page, select the "User" tab. 
Screenshot of Terra Billing project summary page with arrow pointing to Users tab (step 2.3) and arrow pointing to three vertical dot icon to the right of the workspace name (step 2.4). The trash can icon to 'Remove user' is circled

2.4. Click the three vertical dot icon to the right of each user (besides you - the primary owner) and then the trash icon (Remove User).

Step 3. Delete the billing project

3.1. Still on the Billing page, click on the trash icon to the right of the Billing project to delete.

Is the trash icon greyed out?

If the Billing Project has workspaces associated with it, that icon will be greyed out, and the action will be unavailable until you remove every workspace from the Billing Project


3.2. Click the Delete Billing Project button.

3.3. In the confirmation popup, click Delete Billing Project.
Screen shot of Delete billing project Confirmation popup


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