March 14, 2022

Allie Cliffe
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The following release notes correspond to March 8, 2022 - March 14, 2022. This release also includes back-end updates to workflows, user interface, and Google integrations to improve upcoming features.

Data Repository

  • Dataset stewards and custodians can now read files out from the dataset bucket without needing to create a snapshot. 
  • We implemented stronger transactional guarantees on snapshot creation. Row changes committed after a snapshot creation start are no longer included in the snapshot.
  • To support visual display of proxy groups as snapshot readers in TDR UI, we need a new API to retrieve a workspace by its id. This API parallels the API to retrieve a workspace by its namespace and name.


  • API work: The "v1" snapshot APIs in Rawls are now fully deleted. These APIs were deprecated and replaced with "v2" snapshot APIs in May 2021. Please use the v2 APIs going forward.
    • Developer's note: log analysis shows that nobody has called the v1 APIs in at least 90 days. Terra UI does not call the v1 APIs. We expect this to have no impact on current users.
    • Developer's note #2: note that these APIs have always only been available via Rawls at; they were never available via
  • Terra UI data tables now properly display columns that contain arrays of JSON objects (this is uncommon).

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