How to use TDR Snapshots with workflows (GCP)

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Once you've created a Snapshot of a TDR dataset and imported it into a Terra workspace, you're ready to run workflows on it!

Overview: Running workflows on TDR snapshots

Terra imports TDR Snapshots into your workspace as data tables. If your Snapshot includes data from more than one TDR table, the data exported in the Snapshot will remain separated into distinct tables. For example, if your Snapshot included some data from a table called 'sample' and some from a table called 'subject,' exporting this Snapshot would create two tables in your Terra workspace: 'sample' and 'student'.

You can run workflows and interactive analyses on the data in these tables, just like with any other Terra table. 

How to run a workflow on your Snapshot

1.1. Import workflow

Import a workflow that you want to run on your Snapshot to your workspace and click on the workflow to open the configuration form

To learn more, see Finding the workflow (method) you need (and its JSON) in the Methods Repository or How to import a workflow and its parameter file from Dockstore into Terra.

1.2. Select your data and specify your workflow's inputs and outputs

Follow the step-by-step instructions in How to configure workflow inputs to select your data from one of the Snapshot's data tables, and configure your workflow's inputs and outputs. You can write the workflow's results back to the same table that provides your input data.

1.3. Run the workflow

Click "Save" to confirm the input and output attributes. If all required fields are properly filled in,  you'll be able to click "Run Analysis". See What to expect when you submit a workflow to learn more about what to look out for while the workflow is running.

1.4. Review your results

If you've written the workflow's outputs to a data table, click on your workspace's Data tab and then select the table of interest from the left-hand panel to see the output columns.

You can find more details logs and links to outputs that were written to files, rather than tables, in the Job History tab. 

Next Steps

You'll find more in-depth information about running workflows on Terra in the Workflows section of the support site.

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