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Kate Herman
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Reproducible Analysis on the Cloud: Creating and Sharing Methods and Analyses with Terra

The lack of portability and reproducibility of analysis methods limits the effectiveness with which biomedical researchers can benefit from democratization of genomic analysis. Many analysis tools have complex requirements, making them difficult to utilize without advanced computational training. Conversely, it is difficult for the authors of new methods to share their work in a way that is readily reproducible by others.


In this interactive workshop, you will journey through a specific use case: reproducing a published genome-wide association study on Terra (http://terra.bio), a new platform for accessing data, running analysis tools, and collaborating securely on the cloud. Attendees will actively learn to assemble a workspace containing workflows and data that recapitulates all stages of the analysis. Activities include practicing configuring the workflows, running and monitoring the pipeline, and learning how provenance is captured. Finally, attendees will learn to apply genetic analysis methods to the results using interactive analysis tools available within the application.


By the end of the session, attendees will be empowered to create and share their own reproducible methods and analysis. No computational training is required to be able to use Terra, nor is experience with the platform. Basic familiarity with genomics terminology and standard high-throughput sequencing data formats is helpful. The organizers will provide refresher materials for the audience in advance. Audience members will be asked to bring their own laptop to the session. 


Workspace: [link]

Slides: [pdf]

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