How to toggle notification of data added or changed in a workspace

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You may have seen emails with subjects like Terra: Data has been added to <workspace_name> workspace! and wish to no longer be notified of new additions of changes to the data of the workspace. There's a very simple way to toggle these notifications using the FireCloud interface!

Note: Our engineers are currently working on porting the functionality to toggle these notifications to Terra so you no longer have to use FireCloud to do it. This article will be updated once the feature has been ported over.

How to toggle notifications

First, navigate to the Terra workspace in the FireCloud UI.

  1. Visit
  2. Ensure Workspaces is selected at the top
  3. Search for the workspace you're interested in and select it

If you are already looking at the workspace in Terra, you can simply change the URL to start with instead of This will bring you straight to the FireCloud page for the workspace.

For example:


would become


Once you're viewing the workspace in FireCloud, select the bell icon on the right-hand side.


And toggle the notifications on (left) or off (right).

Screen_Shot_2020-04-03_at_9.56.45_AM.png mceclip0.png






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