Expired Google Billing Account trial

Allie Hajian
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Google Billing Accounts set up using a free trial will automatically expire after 60 days unless you upgrade to a paid account. If your Google Billing Account expired, you will be unable to create a new Terra Billing Project or a new Terra workspace. You will also be unable to run any further compute, and your data will be inaccessible.

To verify that your Google Billing Account is active, log in to the Google Developers Console Billing page. If you do not see your Google Billing Account, it is likely expired or deactivated. You can remove the Status: Active filter to display an expired Google Billing Account. Google will prompt you to upgrade your free account to a full account backed by a credit card or bank account.

Permission requirementsYou must be a Billing Administrator on the Cloud Billing account to upgrade the free account to a full account. 

If your Google Billing Account is "inactive", we suggest that you create a new Google Billing Account.

For more details about free accounts, please see Google's article Free cloud features and trial offer.


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