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Allie Hajian

The vision of Terra is to enable the next generation of collaborative biomedical research. To that end, several projects exist independently on the platform - such as AnVIL, FireCloud, and BioData Catalyst. Each project on Terra serves a unique research purpose, while still offering the benefits of the Terra platform to every user.

Scientific projects on Terra

See the full list here.

The Analysis, Visualization and Informatics Labspace (AnVIL)

The AnVIL project, funded by the National Human Genome Research Institute, is a "scalable and interoperable resource for the genomic scientific community, that leverages a cloud-based infrastructure for democratizing genomic data access, sharing and computing across large genomic, and genomic-related data sets.”

See the AnVIL powered by Terra at https://anvil.terra.bio. 

BioData Catalyst

BioData Catalyst, funded by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, “aims to create a community of practice that is motivated to collaboratively solve technical challenges to enable NHLBI investigators to find, access, share, store, cross-link, and compute on large-scale data sets. Though the primary goal of the BioData Catalyst Consortium is to build a data science platform, at its core this is a people-centric endeavor.

See the BioData Catalyst powered by Terra at https://terra.biodatacatalyst.nhlbi.nih.gov/.


The Cloud Resources (CRs) project, of which FireCloud is one, is funded by the National Cancer Institute. The CRs are components of the NCI Cancer Research Data Commons (CRDC) “that bring data and computational power together to enable cancer research and discovery … The Cloud Resources also provide access to on-demand computational capacity to analyze these data. The Cloud Resources allow users to run best-practice tools and pipelines already implemented or upload their own data or analysis methods to workspaces.”

See FireCloud powered by Terra at https://firecloud.terra.bio/.

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