August 21, 2019

Kate Herman
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The following release notes correspond to the dates August 15, 2019 to August 21, 2019.

Terra UI

  • You can now link to a pre-filtered view of workspaces. Try it out! This link takes you to public, somatic workspaces.
  • You will now see what Cromwell version Terra is running from the hamburger menu (scroll down to the bottom) and when you launch an analysis:



  • You can now select the version of a workflow from Dockstore. Click into Workflow. If it's imported from Dockstore, you should see a drop-down menu to change between published (public) versions in Dockstore. This is the same functionality as a Snapshot for workflows imported from Broad repository.


Cloud Accounts

  • Two APIs in Orchestration - GET /api/refresh-token-status and POST /handle-oauth-code - are now deprecated. For backwards compatibility, these APIs have been rewritten to always return a successful response without performing any backend work. These two APIs handled storage of user OAuth refresh tokens, which are no longer necessary. These APIs may be removed entirely in a future release.


  • Added the ability to see the contents of Google Storage log files within the UI.

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