July 23, 2019

Kate Herman
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The following release notes correspond to the dates July 19-23, 2019


  • Workspace buckets will no longer use legacy Google Access Control Lists (ACLs). [IA-1046] Previously, this allowed the bucket permissions and permissions for items in the bucket to be managed separately. You could run into a case where you had access to a bucket, but not to a file within the bucket. Now, all items (files, folders, etc.) inside a bucket will inherit the permissions of the bucket. 
  • You can now install packages that require fortran. [IA-1002]

Cloud Accounts

  • GTex v8 is now available. [CA-402] You can access the dataset by applying for access through dbGAP. Once you have access, the workspace will be available at anvil-datastorage/AnVIL_GTEx_V8_hg38
  • A bug was fixed that broke workflows using the Pair root entity type. [SUP-73]



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