How to set up a Terra account with a non-Google email

Allie Hajian

The Terra platform requires a Google account: either a Gmail account, an institutional Google Apps account, or a Google Apps account that you create. If your institution uses G Suite, your account will already be a Google account and you can proceed directly to register on TerraIf not, you can follow these steps to create a Google account that is associated with your non-Gmail, institutional email address.

Why create a Google ID for your institutional email? Using your institutional email address will allow you to receive notifications via your institutional email and help Broad Project managers more easily coordinate data access and delivery. 

Do not use account aliases Setting up an alias connection between your non-Google account and a Google account will result in account issues and erratic behavior when using the platform. Please do not use accounts with alias connections for Terra!

Step-by-step instructions

Creating a Google account with a non-Google email address using the steps below is the supported method of using a non-Google account with Terra.

1. Go to the Google sign-up page (

Screenshot of Google signup page

2. Fill in the required information. When you get to the screen where you need to create your Gmail address, select "Use your existing email".

Screenshot of Google signup page with 'Use your existing email' circled under the 'username' field

3. Enter the email you want to use for your Terra account in the box.

Screenshot of Google signup page with 'Use your existing email' at the top and a field where you can enter your email address

4. Follow the prompts to complete your Google account setup.

What to expect

Once you have this new Google account set up, you'll be able to register for Terra with that email address. 

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