December 19, 2022

Allie Cliffe
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The following release notes correspond to the dates December 6, 2022 to December 19, 2022.

This release includes back-end updates to workflows, interactive analysis (Notebooks, Galaxy, RStudio), user interface, Data Repository, and Google integrations to improve upcoming features.

Terra on Azure

  • Users can now log into Terra with a Microsoft Azure Cloud account. This is an invite-only version of the Terra on Azure platform. The public offering of Terra on Azure is expected in early 2023.


  • To release updates and features to end-users faster, we updated consent and ontology applications to notify sherlock and set the correct version for automatic dev deployments. This keeps our deployment infrastructure up to date and in line with Terra standards, and will ultimately lead to faster deployments during product development.

Usability updates

  • (Workflows) Users can now clear all method configuration fields before uploading a new .json file. Clearing the configuration fields prevents optional fields filled in with a prior .json file from being accidentally left if the configuration fields of the new .json file are intentionally blank.


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