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Terra is a cloud-native platform for biomedical researchers to access data, run analysis tools, and collaborate.
Terra powers important scientific projects like FireCloud, AnVIL, DataSTAGE. Learn more.

How to set up and work in the Terra platform 1. Platform overview 2. Account and billing setup 3. Accessing and managing data 4. Pipelining 5. Interactive analysis

  • Bioinformatics research in the cloud plus-icon minus-icon

    Access data, run analysis tools, and collaborate, in a unified platform. It sounds great, but how do you get started?  Register your account and claim free credits In a cloud-native world, you only pay for the storage, compute power and egress tha...
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  • What kind of analysis can you do on Terra? plus-icon minus-icon

    Currently, Terra supports two varieties of analysis - Batch processing, which includes but is not limited to: Read alignment Variant calling Joint filtering Interactive analysis, which includes but is not limited to: R/Python-based downstream...
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  • Account setup and exploring Terra plus-icon minus-icon

    Terra's mission is to help accelerate your research by integrating data, analysis tools, and built-in security components to deliver frictionless research flows from data to results.  Join our community and see how a cloud-native platform - built ...
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  • Navigating in Terra plus-icon minus-icon

    You can open the main menu bar for navigating Terra by clicking the three horizontal lines in the top left of the screen at any time. Use this menu to sign in and out of Terra, and navigate to the following sections, described in more detail below...
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  • Understanding Data in the Cloud plus-icon minus-icon

      Data in the Cloud When learning how to make optimal use of Terra, understanding where the data are stored is an important factor. When using Terra to import or generate any type of data (code, results, etc.), these data will reside in one or mor...
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  • Pipelining plus-icon minus-icon

    Workflows (aka pipelines) are a series of steps performed by an external compute engine - often used for automated, bulk analysis (such as aligning genomic reads). Pipelines run on Terra are written in Workflow Description Language (WDL), a workfl...
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  • Interactive statistics and visualization with Jupyter notebooks plus-icon minus-icon

    Jupyter notebooks are an open-source analysis environment where you can visualize and analyze  data in real time to gain insight into study data. Import data including processed genomics, phenotype and transcriptomics data stored in the cloud and...
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