Terra is a cloud-native platform for biomedical researchers to access data, run analysis tools, and collaborate. Terra powers important scientific projects like FireCloud, AnVIL, DataSTAGE. Click on the "Co-branded Projects" link above to learn more.

Tips and tricks for reducing storage, compute, and egress charges in a Google Cloud-native platform.

  • Understanding and controlling cloud costs plus-icon minus-icon

    The Terra platform is free to use, however operations in Terra - such as running workflows, running Jupyter Notebooks, and accessing and storing data - may incur Google Cloud charges. These will be billed directly to your Terra billing account.  T...
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  • Controlling Cloud costs - sample use cases plus-icon minus-icon

    Considering key Cloud costs described in this article, we can examine some uses cases and provide the framework for their costs. Specific costs will vary based on software versions, data sizes, storage and access locations.  This document provides...
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