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Terra is a cloud-native platform for biomedical researchers to access data, run analysis tools, and collaborate.
Terra powers important scientific projects like FireCloud, AnVIL, DataSTAGE. Learn more.

Understanding how your computational sandbox can help organize and protect data and analysis tools.

  • Finding data, analysis tools, and template workspaces in the Library plus-icon minus-icon

    The Library allows users to browse a number of resources available through Terra. These resources are divided into three categories - Datasets, Showcase & Tutorials, Code & Workflows. This article covers the following topics: Datasets Data acces...
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  • Reader, writer or owner? Workspace access controls, explained plus-icon minus-icon

    Terra workspaces have three access levels: READER, WRITER, and OWNER. Each access level represents an expanded set of permissions. READER Access A READER can: Enter the workspace and view its contents Clone the workspace Copy data and tools (wor...
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  • Start with curated sample workspaces for a variety of use-cases plus-icon minus-icon

    One of the best ways to get started in Terra is to explore Featured Workspaces, curated templates that span a variety of use cases. There's something for every researcher! Standardized for completeness and ease of use, they're great as templates o...
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  • Job History plus-icon minus-icon

    Welcome to your workspace operations dashboard, where you can check the status of past and current pipelines run, drill down into various views of what’s going on and find direct links to all input and output files involved. Your analyses are orga...
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  • How to clone a workspace plus-icon minus-icon

    "Cloning" a workspace makes you the owner, and allows you to experiment with code and data in your own copy of a workspace without running the risk of affecting a group workspace. Cloning is useful if you want to run computations in a shared works...
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  • How to share a workspace plus-icon minus-icon

    "Sharing" a workspace allows collaborators to actively work together in the same project workspace. You can see what sorts of changes your colleagues are implementing, troubleshoot a workspace efficiently as a team, and delegate work. The main dra...
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  • Feature Your Workspace! plus-icon minus-icon

    Have a well crafted workspace you'd like to share with the Terra community? Sign up to feature your workspace! Featuring a workspace is a great opportunity for you to broadcast your work or discover workspaces with ready-to-run WDL workflows and i...
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