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Rishabh Kapoorrk


I require access to a number of packages that cannot be pip installed and need to be conda installed (including command line packages). However, I consistently get the same "ERNO 13" permission denied error when attempting to conda install from a jupyter notebook or the terra terminal (using the Default computing environment). Any idea how to fix this?




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    Emily Barnes

    Hi Rashabh,

    I see you have also written in directly to our support address about this issue, so we will continue assisting you in that thread. I just sent you some instructions about using a startup script to install this package!



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    Evgenia Zotova

    I've also encountered the same issue. I believe the default jupyter environment has conda installed as a root, so the user we're running it as - jupyter - has no right to update/install anything via it, which is not optimal in my opinion. Can it be fixed please?

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    Josh Evans

    Hi Evgenia,

    Thanks for writing in! What packages were you trying to install via Conda? While the ability to install most packages after the Cloud Environment is running has been turned off, it is possible to use Conda with a start up script that can run the first time you start the Cloud Environment.

    More information about setting that up can be found here: Pre-configure a Cloud Environment with a startup script

    One note I'd like to make is that you might want to run the conda command as sudo conda in the script, as I've seen running it without sudo cause a few issues in the past.

    I hope that information is helpful for you, and if you'd like to see a change with how our Cloud Environments works with the conda command, please feel free to leave a post at our Active Feature Request forum.

    Let me know if you have any questions.




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