Could you please let me know where the Terra source code is located?

The Terra source code would be very helpful if you could send it to me. Please let me know if you can point me in the direction of the right information.


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    Shoaib Rakhangi

    Hi Bonjouk,

    Thank you for writing in with this question! Currently, we don't have a list of the source code repos which for Terra. However, we have some resources that may be able to help:

    Here is a link to Firecloud's API:, Firecloud and Terra share a similar backend, so the API is very similar between the two products.

    Here are the Python bindings for interacting with the API programmatically:

    Finally, here is the source code for the Terra UI layer:

    While we don't have a list of the source code, it is worth noting that even with the list of source code repos, the complexity of Terra makes it hard to start an independent instance of Terra. However, others have asked for a list of source code repos in the past, so feel free to upvote and comment your support in these threads below! Doing so bumps up the forum post and allows for it to better be seen and noticed, so any help in getting these requests looked at and implemented faster are much appreciated!

    We'll be happy to send a follow up should any of this information change. Hope this helps!

    Kind regards,


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