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Roman rangeis

Is there a method for giving contributions from different information tables to a work process? My utilization case is that I have three information tables: "test", "sample_set", and "vcf" (where the "vcf" table has 22 columns, one for each chromosome). I need to run a work process that takes a rundown of sample_ids from a sample_set, and furthermore takes a VCF document from the vcf table as info. Is this at present conceivable, or do I need to store the ways to VCF documents in my work area in an alternate way?


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    Jason Cerrato

    Hi Roman,

    Thank you for writing in with your question. At present, you are only able to run on a single data entity. For example, if you run your workflow on a sample table, you can access data from the sample table via the method configuration page. The exception is sets, which allow you to also grab data from the underlying data table. As an example, if you run on a sample set, you can use data from the set table or the underlying sample table. Please see the article Workflow setup: Configuring inputs for more information on configuring inputs.

    In addition to the data entity table, you can define data at the workspace level and access that data using workspace. notation. This data is found in the Workspace Data section of your DATA tab.

    Finally, you can always put the gs:// path to the files where needed, if your workflow does not work well with the way your tables are set up.

    For your purposes, I'm not sure if the VCF data is associated with your sample, but if it is, you may consider creating columns for your sample table with the VCF data. If the VCF data is general and can be applied for any run, you can consider adding it as Workspace Data.

    If you have any further questions, please let us know!

    Kind regards,



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