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Oliver Ruebenacker


This had worked before, and all I changed was the version of the Docker image from 1.5.0 to 1.6.0 and it no longer works. I ran

gcloud builds submit --timeout=60m --tag

I got:

ID                                    CREATE_TIME                DURATION  SOURCE                                                                                            IMAGES                                                 STATUS
caa81d9a-9123-4735-86ba-5493df17f76d  2022-02-23T16:58:11+00:00  46M17S    gs://nitrogenase-docker_cloudbuild/source/1645634182.100549-f6bbfb938fea46af99d96534f09c3efd.tgz  SUCCESS

Then, in my WDL task, I had

docker: ""

And the task failed with:

"Task metastaar.calculate_summary_stats:236:1 failed. The job was stopped before the command finished. PAPI error code 9. Execution failed: generic::failed_precondition: pulling image: docker pull: running ["docker" "pull" ""]: exit status 1 (standard error: "Error response from daemon: manifest for not found: manifest unknown: Failed to fetch \"1.6.0\" from request \"/v2/nitrogenase-docker/nitrogenase-metastaar/manifests/1.6.0\".\n")"

Any idea? Thanks!

Best, Oliver



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