(HELP PLEASE!) BIG issue when trying to send LUNA to my BSC Metamask account Answered

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Jose Antonio Gil


I have just used the Terra Bridge to send my LUNA to my Binance Smart Chain Metamask account. When including the address I copied and pasted my Metamask account and I have not received the funds. When I see the details it says that my funds have been transferred to this account:



But not to my Metamask account. It was quite a lot of LUNAS (+28). Instead, what I see is that the address I wanted to send the funds to appear to be the MEMO of the transaction

Please, I would really appreciate your support on this

Thanks a lot



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    Jason Cerrato
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    Hi Michelan,

    We see that you've also written into our support center directly and that your issue is resolved, but just to reiterate for anyone else who comes across this thread, this support forum is designed to assist users of the https://terra.bio biomedical research platform. If you are looking for assistance with https://terra.money, please visit their support channel at https://agora.terra.money/.

    Kind regards,


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    Emil Furat
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    Hi Jose,


    Thanks for reaching out. I'm not familiar with the issue you have described, I think that you might have reached the wrong community forum. We help to support app.terra.bio. 


    I hope that you are able to get the help you need!


    Kind regards,


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    Michelan Francis

    Hi, did you ever receive your funds - I have the exact same issue?


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