Tutorial for docker + Rstudio?

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Katie Saund

I just started using the Community-maintained Rstudio environment. I am under the impression that this Rstudio environment is within a docker image that gets spun up each time I unpause my cloud environment. Also, that the R packages I add to this workspace will stay installed so long as my cloud environment permanent disk is attached. 

Is it possible to save and update a docker image with the added R packages? Is it possible to start up Rstudio from such an updated docker image rather than starting up from the community-maintained Rstudio environment?  If so, is there a tutorial somewhere in the Terra documentation? So far I've found documentation about juptyer + docker  (https://support.terra.bio/hc/en-us/articles/360037143432-Docker-tutorial-Custom-cloud-environments-for-Jupyter-notebooks) but not Rstudio + docker. 

If it’s not currently possible that’s helpful for me to know.


My use case is that I would like to share a docker image via a docker registry with a collaborator who could then have access to the exact same Rstudio environment + all of the specific package versions I’ve installed when they start to use Terra.




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