Setting up built-in cost reporting

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Chet Birger

I am setting up workflow cost reporting, as described in the post 

I would like to set up the built-in cost reporting for both Broad and non-Broad billing accounts.  I began by setting up cost reporting for non-Broad STRIDES accounts. 

First comment is that the STRIDES accounts which were set up for me by Broad's procurement team are different than the ones described in the online documentation; my STRIDES billing accounts were set up through an arrangement that Broad has with Onix, and as a result, the billing account names do not conform to the STRIDES naming convention described in the Terra online STRIDES accounts tart with the prefix NIH-Onix.Broad.NCI.  Because the naming conventions were different, I assumed the STRIDES instructions in the posting did not apply to me and I used the "General User setup" instructions.  What are the NIH.NHLBU.BDC.Cohort STRIDES accounts?  Should I be using them for our lab's NCI-funded grants?

Next comment is regarding the different treatment of broad and non-broad billing accounts.  As I mentioned above, I treated our STRIDES accounts and non-broad billing accounts, and was able to follow the posted instructions.  It is unclear to me, however, how to set up built-in cost reporting for my Broad billing accounts.  I believe I still need to set up a non-terra project and a BigQuery data set to enable workflow spend reporting in Terra, but the posted instructions would have me skip over; they clearly state "Broad GCP Billing account users only can skip these steps".  Please advise on how I should set up workflow spend reporting for terra billing projects that are linked to Broad GCP Billing accounts.



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