Job scheduling at 4 days, total submission time limit of 7 days

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I have some very long running jobs (~5 days) that I have been trying to run for a few weeks now. I am seeing some odd behavior in Terra where there is a delay of 3+ days from submission to start. The real issue is the 7 day built-in time limit on Terra jobs; it seems to count from submission, rather than job start, leaving me with <4 days for a given job. This ends up wasting a lot of money as the jobs all fail due to this time limit, even though the GCS imposed limit is much longer than a week.


Is there any way to get around this? Either the submission-to-start lag or the time limit?


I really don't understand why it only takes ~5 minutes to provision a GCS VM through Terra, but 3 days for a batch job. I get that they may be using different google services, but 3 days just seems astounding for cloud computing.


Any advice would be great! Thanks!




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    Samantha (she/her)

    Hi tmajarian,


    Thank you for writing in about this issue. Can you share the workspace where you are seeing this issue with by clicking the Share button in your workspace? The Share option is in the three-dots menu at the top-right.

    1. Add to the User email field and press enter on your keyboard.
    2. Click Save.


    Please provide us with

    1. A link to your workspace
    2. The relevant submission ID
    3. The relevant workflow ID


    We’ll be happy to take a closer look as soon as we can!


    Kind regards,


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    Adam Nichols

    Hi tmajarian,

    Terra engineer here. How long do you estimate these tasks would take, if allowed to run beyond 7 days?




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