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how to re-run workflows when some samples fail?


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    Samantha (she/her)

    Hi Andrew Davidson,


    Sorry for the delayed response. If you believe that a task should have been call-cached, you can use the Call Cache Debug Wizard, which is a relatively new feature available in the Workflow Dashboard.

    1. Go to the Job History page for your second submission and click on Workflow Dashboard under Links.

    2. In the Workflow Dashboard, expand the task that you think should have been call-cached. It will probably say 'Cache Miss' under Call Caching Result. Click on the magnifying glass icon to open the Call Cache Debug Wizard.


    3. In the prompt, enter the workflow ID of your first submission (or whichever one you wanted it to call cache from), select the appropriate task, and click Continue. The result should show what differences there were between the two runs.


    Please let me know if you have any questions.




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