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how clean up a test workspace?


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    Jason Cerrato

    Hi Andy,

    Here are some answers to your questions.

    If I delete the workspace will all the storage be deleted? Or do I have to do something special?

    If you delete the workspace, all of the associated storage will also be deleted.

    It looks like each workspace may have a root bucket?

    Can I just use Google Console to delete this bucket or will that cause other problems. for example, delete data in the parent workspace?

    Each workspace is associated with a specific Google bucket (also called the workspace bucket). You may not have permission to delete the bucket itself, but you can delete the workspace as mentioned above which will also delete the bucket. You can also delete the data inside the bucket using Google Console or the command line. Your cloned workspace bucket should not have any data from your parent workspace unless you explicitly copied it over, and deleting this bucket should have no bearing on your parent workspace unless your parent workspace's data model is pointing to any files in your cloned workspace bucket.

    Let's say I have a production workspace and say one of my colleagues ran a work flow a couple of times with caching off, I assume this would cause a lot of storage to be leaked? by that I mean files in the the bucket how ever we do not have an easy way to identify them and delete them. Any suggestions for how to clean this mess up?

    All files generated by workflow submissions are collected in folders with the same name as the submission. If you wanted to delete all files associated with a specific job submission, you can delete all of the files under the directory for that submission.

    If you have any other questions, please let us know!

    Kind regards,


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