Updated hg19 TCGA BAM links not loading in IGV

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Sabrina Camp


I have not been able to load the updated TCGA hg19 bam URLs into IGV. The pop up window says "bucket is requestor pays bucket but no user project provided". However, I have provided a user project and the same pop up window/ error occurs. I also tried to download the same bam using gsutil in the terminal window after setting a project, and received the error "BadRequestException: 400 Bucket is requester pays bucket but no user project provided". I have no problem downloading bams that are not the updated hg19 tcga ones. 

For reference, the specific bam URL and index URL are -- 

  • bam: gs://5aa919de-0aa0-43ec-9ec3-288481102b6d-temp/tcga/TGCT/DNA/WXS/BI/ILLUMINA/TCGA_MC3.TCGA-2G-AALO-10A-01D-A433-10.cleaned.bam
  • bam index: gs://5aa919de-0aa0-43ec-9ec3-288481102b6d-temp/tcga/TGCT/DNA/WXS/BI/ILLUMINA/TCGA_MC3.TCGA-2G-AALO-10A-01D-A433-10.cleaned.bam.bai

I have attached screenshots of the IGV errors I was receiving. 





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