Having trouble creating a new Terra billing Project?

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Are you unable to create a billing project even though it has worked in the past?


The transition from FireCloud to Terra requires an update to the billing account used to recognize and charge your Google Billing account. This update will enable us to turn on a new security feature to further secure data access management in the platform. We asked users to make the changes to their Google Billing account in the past; those who have not updated their account will not be able to create new billing projects.

What should you do:

During the initial setup of your billing account, you were asked to add “billing@firecloud.org” as a Billing Account User on your billing account in the Google console in order to be able to create new billing projects in FireCloud or Terra. Moving forward, you will need to switch this Billing Account User to  terra-billing@terra.bioinstead. Refer to the following instructions for more details: How to set up Billing Projects



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