Asked for preemtible, but getting non-preemtible

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Yossi Farjoun


As part of my 5000 submissions of BAM->gVCF workflow I run HaplotypeCaller with preemptible=3. looking at the operations (via firecloud) I see that I'm actually getting non-preemptible machines, and being charged accordingly (4x higher). 

Concurrently, many of my workflows are stalling due to lack of resources (IP addresses, Disk, CPU). I'm wondering if these two elements are connected...could it be that cromwell is interpreting the lack of quota as a re-tryable failure, and then not giving my a preemptible node despite having asked for one?


For example, take a look at workflow id: 57f9be05-1d39-4cb0-9059-0b5726506c9b



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    Adelaide Rhodes
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    Hi Yossi -


    I am making a ticket, thanks for being so specific.  Many members of our team are in meetings for the next day, but I will keep an eye out for any response.

    Here is the link to the ticket:


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