Terra Open Science Contest - You be the judge!

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Geraldine Van der Auwera

Earlier this month, we challenged the Terra community to share their work in open workspaces to promote computational reproducibility and FAIR principles. In the spirit of rewarding good work, we made it a contest with prizes -- specifically, the winning entry will be rewarded with a trip to the Bioinformatics Open Source Conference (BOSC) in Basel, Switzerland. The full contest description is here.

Four teams took us up on this challenge, and now it's time to decide who's going to Switzerland! 

Since the point of this exercise is to demonstrate what it takes to make a computational analysis useful to the research community, we figured that's who should pick the winner -- all of you! 

We invite you all to clone and evaluate the workspaces entered into the contest. Each workspace includes a link to a short grading form with the scoring rubric. To judge the workspace, just fill out the form once you've evaluated the workspace. You don't have to review all four workspaces if you don't have time, but we do encourage you to review more than one as this will give you some useful perspective for scoring entries. 

Judging will close June 27 and winners will be announced shortly after. 

Thank you all for helping us raise the bar for sharing and collaborating in computational biology and demonstrate the benefits of Open Science approaches that boost computational reproducibility at all scales.


Instructions in a nutshell

  • Clone any of the workspaces from the list below. 
  • Read the workspace description in the Dashboard tab to evaluate how clearly the authors explained their analysis and how it works. 
  • Based on the description, see if you can reproduce the entire analysis. This may involve running workflows and/or opening notebooks.  
  • Afterwards, fill out the short evaluation form linked in the bottom of the Dashboard tab. 
  • Select the name of the workspace you are evaluating from the dropdown menu to enter your scores.             


Contest Workspaces

Workspace 1- TOSC19-idap

Workspace 2 - TOSC19-scRNA-seq-cloud

Workspace 3 - TOSC19-Waddington-OT

Workspace 4 - TOSC19-VariantSpark


Evaluation Criteria

  1. Ability for anyone to run the full analysis easily and without additional help
  2. Opportunities to customize parameters of the analysis
  3. Clarity and completeness of the documentation
  4. Coolness of the science (as a tiebreaker)




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