FR: Allow owners to change the authorization domain on an existing or cloned workspace

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Matt Bookman

[This was previously filed as a terra-ui github issue (no longer available).]

I created a workspace with a very narrow authorization domain. I later realized that it was unnecessarily narrow. I wanted the group that I share with to be fairly narrow, but the full domain of people I could share with didn't need to be so restrictive.

I now have a few imperfect options:

1- Add everyone that I now want to share with to my authorization domain.
2- Create a new workspace with the right authorization domain and clone my notebooks manually.

I don't even have the option of cloning the workspace and changing the authorization domain. When cloning a workspace I am forced to bring along the original authorization domain. I realize the intent here to prevent accidental sharing, but the current system makes it very hard for a user to correct a simple mistake like this. In fact, if I were wanting to share workflow job history, would I be out of luck? I'm not sure if job history gets cloned.

It would be really nice to give users the option of changing the authorization domain with lots of warnings and explanations about their actions. If there are specific projects that have restrictions against this, perhaps they could be blacklisted, rather than applying this to everyone.



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    Benjamin Doran

    Completely agree with this. Current setup is really unforgiving to mistakes in choosing authorization domains. And it is very unclear to users what authorization domains actually are, when they are needed, and what they block you from doing. 

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    Mahdiar Sadeghi

    It's still a big problem. There is no way to change the authorization domain of the existing workspaces. 


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