Workspace-relative links and workspace variables in Workspace Descriptions

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Matt Bookman

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The workspace description can empower Terra users to organize their workspaces as they want them. Today, the ability to include links to notebooks, data in GCS, and data in Google BigQuery, is very powerful.

There are a few features that would make this more powerful:

  • allow links to be workspace-relative (for example to notebooks), and/or
  • enable references to workspace properties such as the workspace name, workspace bucket, and workspace attributes

Links in the description today are treated as site-relative. So if I put in a link URL of:

  • notebooks/launch/my_notebook.ipynb

it gets enabled as:


It would be great if it were rendered as:


I can hard-code this full path in the workspace description, but I'd like for the URL to be workspace-relative for cloned workspaces.

An alternative to changing the rendering would be to provide some way of referencing the workspace project and name. With that I could construct the full URL myself and then cloned workspaces would provide the right links too.


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    Brad Taylor

    Hi Matt,

    This is great input. Without digging in more, I'm not sure how much control we have over how links are rendered given the markdown library we are using.

    I agree that workflow-relative paths are much more robust to cloning etc. Our teams are currently focused on system performance and on critical usability features. I don't think we're going to be able to look into this in the near term.




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