Show which notebooks are running from the Workspace page

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When I glance at my notebooks in the Workspace page, I cannot tell which ones are currently active. This matters because if notebooks are active, the cluster will not sleep automatically. (I recognize that a temporary stopgap is to manually shut down the cluster.)



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    Sean Horgan

    +1. Tagging for UX review.

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    Matt Bookman

    I was just about to request a similar and related feature. I will add it here for now, but if it is determined to be a different set of work, we can break it out.

    BTW, a related request is this one:

    terra-ui/issues/538: Provide a list of running notebook clusters

    It would be really nice if users had more insight into their "notebook VMs" (which are running, which are paused) and jupyter kernels (notebooks) running on those notebook VMs.

    It would also be nice if users had more control over behavior of the VMs. I was thinking about this same issue in the context of a few different desired user experiences:

    1. I have a laptop and I want to kick off a long-running notebook; as soon as I kick off the notebook I want to close my laptop and drive into the office.
    2. I have a laptop and I want my notebooks to pause and my notebook VM to pause when I close the laptop and drive home.
    3. I have a workstation (which is always running) and I want to be able to leave my browser open and have my VM auto pause
    4. I have a workstation (which is always running) and I want to be able to leave my browser open and have my notebooks keep running

    Today, #2 and #4 are the observed behaviors. #4 surprised a few people as they didn't realize their notebook VM just kept running (overnight, over the weekend...)

    My ideal situation would be to have the control to explicitly state my intention; do I want my notebook to be long running or do I want "idleness" to be more aggressively detected. If I do accidentally leave a browser tab open to a notebook - it would be great if there was some other avenue in which I could be informed that my VM is running and has been running for [time].


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