Easier job cancellation in Terra Completed

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I think it would be helpful if the UI for aborting jobs in Terra was more prominent. I find I have to terminate jobs pretty often, especially when testing new workflows.


In FireCloud, the job status page has a massive red "Abort Job" button. In Terra, this is replaced by a tiny green crossed circle that's only on the job manager page. I haven't found a way to delete a job from the individual job status page. It also took me a little while to realize the green cross was the abort button - it'd be nice if it was larger and red like the old symbol, or said "terminate," or something else to indicate what it does and make it easier to find.


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    Sushma Chaluvadi

    Hi Eric,

    The Job History tab should now have a larger ABORT WORKFLOWS button that makes it easier to abort workflows from the UI.


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