Support adding users to groups even if they are not registered in Terra (and send an invite) Completed

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Matt Bookman

When data providers use Terra for access control, there is a sequencing of steps that need to be followed to get new users fully signed up with access to data that often looks like:

  1. User requests access to Terra
  2. Data provider approves access
  3. User must register for Terra
  4. Data provider grants access to data in Terra

Step 4 typically occurs by adding the user to a Terra group. A data provider can't do step 4 until step 3 is complete. It would be great if this sequencing weren't necessary.

It would be nice to be able to add a user to a group before they have registered in Terra.


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    Tiffany Miller

    Sorry for the super delayed notice but we implemented this feature a while back! Just wanted to close the loop :) Thanks Matt!


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