Use terminology "Notebook runtime" instead of "Cluster", except when it is actually a cluster

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Matt Bookman

Most of the time in Terra when you are editing notebooks your notebook runtime consists of a single VM. The interface, however, at times says "cluster" which can be both confusing and intimidating to users. While the default is a single instance and the interface does show the cost, it can feel like over-provisioning and more expensive than necessary to create a "cluster". We should indicate "cluster" only in places where you've truly created a cluster.

A few places I have observed this:

- Viewing a notebook read-only when I don't yet have a runtime, I get a button "create a cluster to edit"

- Hovering over the trashcan icon, it says: "Delete cluster"

I filed this as a "Feature Request" rather than a github issue as I'd like to suggest it applies across the UI and documentation. As FireCloud documentation is migrated into Terra documentation, this would be something to look out for.




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