Peculiar feature when importing method configurations from another workspace

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Liudmila Elagina


I encountered very peculiar behavior when importing method configurations through Terra using the "Copy to another workspace" button:

The namespace of the method changes to the namespace of the workspace method it is imported to. make_forcecall_intervals tool is the one that I am importing from another workspace which has dlivitz_dev namespace. Below is the output from Fiss when this method imported through Firecloud:

Below is the screenshot of the same output but when the method is imported through Terra. The method now has the namespace of the workspace's namespace.


Is this a purposeful feature?


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    Adelaide Rhodes

    Hi Luda -

    I think this has something to do with how FISS was originally set up.  The methods repository had a methods namespace and the workspace had a workspace namespace.  These are two separate values in Firecloud.  To see how this is labeling your methods, you could try the following commands in a notebook in your workspace:

    #get the billing project for the workspace 

    #get the workspace name
    WORKSPACE = os.path.basename(os.getcwd())
    #List the Firecloud methods associated with the workspace
    fiss.fapi.list_workspace_configs(BILLING_PROJECT_ID, WORKSPACE).json()

    Try those items out and pay attention to how the value for


    differs from the value for 


    Try that and let us know if that resolves the discrepancy.

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    Liudmila Elagina

    Hello Adelaide,


    Great, I tried this code and see the correct method namespace in methodNamespace variable.

    But except with Fiss I see this similar behavior in Firecloud GUI. The highlighted method was imported through Terra from another workspace and now in Firecloud the namespace for this method is workspace's namespace.

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    Adelaide Rhodes

    Yes, the Terra namespace becomes the method namespace once you import it into Terra and look at it in Firecloud.


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