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Latex is often used in academia for mathematical documents, it would be helpful to enable this in the workspace dashboard to make it easier to incorporate symbols and equations in the description. 



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    Brad Taylor

    Hi Beri,

    LaTex is great, especially for for mathematical formatting. I have used it in my own academic work. However, it carries a steep learning curve, and doesn't provide easy what-you-see-is-what-you-get editing. It's also technically difficult to integrate into a webapp like Terra. Except for equations, I'm also not sure it provides a substantial improvement over markdown for workspace documentation.

    Given these factors, I think we'd need to hear more community voices asking for this before undertaking it.

    In the meantime, one workaround would be to format your equations in latex and then upload them as an image. One can do this directly from notebooks using the "%% latex" magic command in Jupyter. Latex rendered in this way can be incorporated into notebooks or saved as a png.



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    Josh Gould

    I think this would be useful too. You can add latex into web pages using

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    Adelaide Rhodes

    I found a workaround for the meantime that works with our dashboard.



    This goes out to and converts the equation into html, which is readable by our dashboard markdown.


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