Clicking file handle in Job Manager opens search for file in GCloud storage

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Brendan Reardon

This is not quite a feature request but more of feature commentary.

Clicking on a file from the Job Manager (screenshot below) opens a search for the file in Google Cloud Storage (screenshot) rather than opening or downloading the file itself. I think that the latter may be more in line with user expectation. More so, clicking on this line should open a new tab rather than redirecting in the current window as it is an external link. What do you think?

Otherwise, thus far it seems pretty neat!

Screenshot 1: Viewing inputs in Job Manager

Screenshot 2: Direct result of clicking on the hyperlink, a search for the file in GCloud Storage. 



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    Ruchi Munshi

    Hey Brendan,

    I completely agree with both those points. 

    1) Any re-direct should be in a new tab

    2) Pop-up previews are much better than redirect. 


    As #1 is a lot easier to patch, it's very much next on our backlog. The preview functionality is also part of the longer-term plan, but the focus for the next few weeks is primarily on adding entity/submitter and more such details to Job Manager, as those are existing gaps in information that don't exist in the Terra UI yet. Hope that makes sense!

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    Brendan Reardon

    Very nice, thank you Ruchi :) 


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