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I'm not able to view Empty Entity Errors in Terra's Job Manager, so when my job fails nothing is listed in job manager for my submitted job.

As a workaround for now I've been going to the Firecloud monitor tab of that workspace to check the error message. 



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    Brad Taylor

    Hi Beri,


    We're aware of this issue in our integration between workspaces and job manager. We're working to resolve it. We're still investigating options so unfortunately I don't have a timeline for you right now. You will see these failures represented in the failed-issue count associated with the submission in the workspace job history, but right now there's not a way to view the error. 

    Sorry for the inconvenience while we work on the new system


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    Liudmila Elagina

    Hello Brad,


    I was wondering what is the status of this issue. I encountered the same empty Job Manager window yesterday.


    Thank you,



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