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How much should we expect the Firecloud API, and by extension the api tool fiss, to change as the transition to Terra is made? It seems like the backend is pretty much staying the same, but some nouns have changed (methods -> tools). We rely heavily on custom scripts to work with Firecloud through the API and would like to plan accordingly for any changes that the Terra switch may have on these workflows.




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    Sushma Chaluvadi

    Hi Robin -

    At this time the switch to Terra will NOT affect the API (FireCloud or FISS). You are correct that the back-end will remain the same and while the nouns have changed some, we don't anticipate any large breaking updates. Were we ever to make any movement that would affect the API, there would most definitely be messaging sent out to our users with ample information and time!


    Thanks! (Sorry for the delayed reply!)


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