UI: Bad output expression for PAPI jobs Completed

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Kendra West

Per a conversation started by Adelaide on our internal user response/support channel on 11:36AM, March 22. She says,

"(In both FC and Terra) I have a workspace that succeeds in its run, but puts up a red exclamation point."

David An helped triage:

"It's definitely the output expressions. The first has these messages: `"Invalid output expression: this.downsample_table", "Invalid output expression: this.mbias_table", "Invalid output expression: this.qc_table"`; the second has `"Invalid output expression: this.qc_report"`
I agree that the user experience is less than ideal: a status of `Succeeded` but an error icon.

I think there's two separate (but related) issues:
1) these submissions *do* have errors in their output expressions. So, if you care about those outputs, then that's a fix for the user to make.
2) the UI is showing bad icons/statuses. It shows the underlying workflow as succeeding, even though it had errors in the output expressions. This is a product fix that the user can't do anything about. In the FCUI, we are displaying success/failure icons based on the `executionStatus` value in the cromwell metadata. That reports the status of the PAPI job. Instead, we should be reporting what rawls returns as a status for the workflow." 






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    Adelaide Rhodes
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    Yes, having an explanation for the error symbol clears this up. Thank you for adding this feature.

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    Ruchi Munshi


    We now report if something failed with an error due to bad output expressions. Does this meet the criteria for the feature request? 


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