Set metadata column order during tsv upload Completed

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Kathryn Larkin

Currently uploading metadata with additional columns will automatically alphabetize all columns after the first entity column. This is causing issues in situations where column order is important for reading metadata.


Additionally, changes made to the column order in the workspace view are not maintained between users or between browser sessions. It would be helpful to allow the owner to rearrange the workspace metadata viewing order to present relevant information.



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    K Huang

    Also interested in this feature. The current alphabetically sorted column function separates related columns in metadata and user has to manually change the column order every time login the workspace. A feature to let the workspace remember the column order changes made by the user will be very helpful.

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    Sushma Chaluvadi

    This Feature has been completed. Column order, columns selected or unselected, and width of columns will now persist in the user selected choice.

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    Stephanie Gogarten

    Is it possible to preserve the ordering in the initial TSV file (or Python/R table when interacting with data tables programmatically)? Our project will be creating hundreds of workspaces, so changing the column order manually after import is not a feasible solution.

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    Anthony DiCi

    Hi Stephanie Gogarten,
    Thank you for writing to Terra Support! I hope that we can sort this out for you.
    There is a way to set that attribute before uploading your tsv files that should control the initial order of the columns and override the default alphabetization.
    Please find step-by-step instructions in this Terra Support Article. Please take a look at the article, and let me know if this works as a solution for you or if you have any further questions.


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