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Alexander Baumann

I find it confusing that the workspace tabs disappear when you enter a notebook where they stay there when you enter other tabs - I think it would be more intuitive to leave the tabs there and show the notebook in the same area we show the notebook tiles.  People will often want to switch between tabs (find metadata, check batch results, get urls from batch results to do interactive analysis on), and leaving those tabs up would make that easier.

Additionally, if we do this it would be nice if when you enter the notebook tab it would enter the last notebook you were in immediately (effectively it was just hidden) so it makes switching seamless.  I could imagine a button in the notebook itself to return to the tiles view to find another notebook.


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    Kate Voss

    Additional suggestion from Alex: "Even if the tabs collapsed but then came back by mouse over [hover] or clicking that would be a big improvement over only being able to get back to the dashboard tab"


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