Improved workspace permission filtering

Post author
Alexander Baumann

I am a project owner on a lot of projects.  Within these projects I have my own workspaces (where I am the owner) and other workspaces that people add me to directly (as reader, writer, or owner).  Right now if I filter on reader, writer, or owner I will not see these workspaces that fall within a project I own.  They will only show up under Project Owner where I can have hundreds of workspaces listed.  This makes it difficult to find these projects that I may be actually working on.

I would expect instead that if I was a project owner on a workspace AND I am on it explicitly (I own it, or someone adds me as a owner, writer, or reader) that it will show up both under Project Owner filter as well as under the respective filter that I am explicitly added as (e.g. if I am on it as a Reader then it shows up if I filter for Reader).  



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