Specify and delete intermediate files Completed

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Tiffany Miller

I want the ability to click a button in Terra that will review my workflow's outputs and delete all intermediate analysis results and log files. 



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    Some additional items would help: 1) find/visualize which workflows have intermediates that are candidates for deletion, and how much space is consumed, 2) Applying a similar mechanism to files no longer referenced by the data model due to call caching - what workflows they are associated with, how much space they consume, and an easy way to purge them.

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    Alexander Bick

    I completely agree! Standard GATK workflows on Terra generate a lot of intermediate files that are often equal in size if not larger to the input and output files  -- and that storage cost adds up very quickly. It would be helpful to have a way within the Terra interface to delete these unnecessary intermediate files.

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    Geraldine Van der Auwera

    This has been implemented; for an overview see https://terra.bio/deleting-intermediate-workflow-outputs/ 


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