Workflows not running

Good evening Terra Support Team,

I just checked on my runs and none of the workflows successfully submitted after 5 pm is running. Additionally, workflows that were submitted earlier, seem to have no updates since 6:12 pm. Is the Terra platform down?

Best regards,

Edyta Malolepsza



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    Edyta Malolepsza

    Good morning! Quick update: my workflows started around midnight, so the issue seems resolved, though most of the tasks that were stuck failed and then were restarted (in some cases the task was running close to a 24hr and now it had to start again).

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    Josh Evans

    Hi Edyta,

    Thanks for writing in and the update! As it turns out, the platform was seeing some slowdown with workflows from 6 - 8 PM ET. It sounds like your workflows were caught in that issue, however, it is good to hear that they are now running.

    Please let me know if you have any questions..




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