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Hello community,

I found two different statements in the documentation. The first one describes that the Terra Billing project on Azure is not deletable without direct investigation by the Terra team, and the second one describes the steps to delete a Terra Billing project, suggesting that Billing project deletion is possible without direct investigation by the Terra team. I am wondering which one is correct, or if both of them are correct but for different scenarios?


These infrastructure cloud costs accrue as long as you have a Terra Billing project/workspaceWe have not yet released support for deleting a Terra Billing project once created. To reduce costs by pausing resources on your billing project after you start working in Terra on Azure, please reach out to for assistance.



The base cost for your Terra Environment will accrue as long as you have a Terra Billing projectDeleting the Terra Billing project is the only way to eliminate the base infrastructure cost, but this will also delete everything you have done in Terra.

To delete a Terra Billing Project
You must delete all workspaces listed under a Billing Project before you can delete the Billing Project and its associated Terra Environment.

From the Billing page, click the trash can icon to the right of the Billing project. Note that you must be an owner to delete the Billing Project, so it will be listed under the Owned by You section at the left.



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    Allie Cliffe, could you please kindly take a look and provide some insight for clarification?

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    Allie Cliffe

    Hi, AnalysisFriends! Thanks for surfacing this outdated info in our docs (it's hard to keep up with all of the Terra on Azure changes!). Terra Billing projects can be deleted by a billing project owner, and no longer require intervention by Terra support. I've updated the Overview: Terra on Azure article to reflect current functionality. 


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